Best Golf Clubs For Kids 8 12
Best Golf Clubs For Kids 8 12

This article will look at some of the best chosen Golf Clubs For Kids 8-12.

We recommend using Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set for Kids Age 8-12 (4′ 6″ to 5′ 1″ Tall) as it is a high-quality product.

With golf season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting children interested in playing.

This article discusses how neuroscience can be applied to the marketing and sales of products like golf clubs.

If you are looking for a great gift idea this year, consider investing in some new equipment that will get your child excited about the game of golf!

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The best Golf Clubs For Kids 8-12

We want to help you find the right set of golf clubs for your child.

First, we’ll need you to tell us how many years they have been playing and what their skills are like.

Second, which gender do they identify as?

Third, what is your budget?

Fourth, will this be a gift or something they purchase with money earned from their allowance/chores?

Lastly, does anything about these characteristics change depending on if it’s a boy or girl who plays sports?”

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U.S. Kids Golf Fitting System

Best Junior Golf Clubs: Top 10 Sets For Kids 

Best Golf Clubs For Kids 8-12
Best Junior Golf Clubs: Top 10 Sets For Kids

Choosing the best golf clubs for kids 8-12 years old is a little easier than choosing one for young golfers and toddlers.

Your pre-teen golf player will better know the golf swing and building power, allowing them to swing more accurately and faster.

At this age, the category of golf players get divided into three different types, which are

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate and
  • Advanced golfers.

And to become a champion in the future, your kid must start learning at an early age. So, let’s know the best golf clubs for kids 8-12 in this article below…

Essential Things to Keep In Mind:

Junior Golf Club Sets Buying Guide - The Expert Golf Website
Junior Golf Club Sets Buying Guide The Expert Golf Website

Before you head to the list of the top 3 best golf clubs for kids 8-12, let’s know first what you should remember. These are the following factors that you must remember while buying the best golf clubs for kids 8-12…

  • Young children don’t need a complete set of golf clubs, but the gear becomes more significant as a junior starts playing competitive golf.
  • Get the right size golf clubs. At all costs, avoid getting golf clubs that are too heavy or too big. Please don’t cut down the adult golf clubs. They’re too heavy as well as the shafts are typically too stiff.
  • A wedge, putter, and 3-wood or the Driver are great golf clubs.
  • In case your kid moves on to the advanced or intermediate golf clubs, please get a local First Golf Tee to grant your old kid’s clubs too.
  • Finally, if you’re stuck and uncertain of which golf clubs are appropriate, contact an expert in your area, and they can help you get the best golf clubs for kids 8-12.

List of Best Golf Clubs For Kids 8-12

There is a wide range of best golf clubs for kids 8-12. There are a lot of great junior golf clubs sets to pick from. Here is a look at the top 3 best golf clubs for kids 8-12 that are many junior golfer’s favorites.

These junior golf club sets to ensure your kid gets swinging on the right path. So, let’s now have a look at the golf clubs below…

Callaway XJ Club Sets For Junior Golfer

Callaway XJ Junior Advanced Golf Set |
Callaway XJ Club Sets For Junior Golfer

This Callaway XJ Club Sets For Junior Golfer is excellent because it delivers the young golf player more chances than most other golf club sets available on the market.

With a 3-wood, Driver, 5-hybrid, two irons, one sand wedge, and 1 classic mallet putter, any kid golf player will be pleased to go as soon as they walk onto the golf course along with this club set from Callaway.

Broken out into three levels, this Callaway Juniors XJ Club Set makes it relatively easy to get the right golf club height for a budding child golf player. Level 1 is perfect for kid golf players who are around 38 to 46 in. tall, level 2 covers those kids who are approximately 47 to 53 in., and the 3rd rating is perfect for kids who measure about 54 to 61 in.

Callaway also offers more golf clubs for each group to adapt to the additional needs of older golf players. Begin with the 4-piece club set, which comprises one fairway wood, 7 iron, one sand wedge, and 1 putter, and then include a driver if your kid is tall enough for the Level 2 set. Level 3 contains a hybrid golf club.

However, the right size and number of the golf clubs are just half the story with this golf club set. The golf clubs use many technologies to make it effortless to hit a distance, with the clean contact budding and forgiveness golf players need.

The drivers of this set are prepared with durable, graphite, and light titanium shafts that make the clubs lightweight—which is necessary for kids who ought to carry their golf clubs. The Callaway Juniors XJ clubs comprise a golf bag and come in both white and blue colors.


  • A giant and durable sand wedge lets the kid learn backspin from the course
  • The 2-ball Odyssey putter of this set is an ideal addition to finishing the set
  • Three unique wood, as well as hybrids, give professional juniors a bunch of choices off the golf tee


  • The club set is an expensive option for kid golf players but supplies the goods with excellent quality.

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Tour Edge HL-J Complete Club Set

Tour Edge Golf Clubs Reviews
Tour Edge HL-J Complete Club Set

The Tour Edge has held a spot in the golfer’s heart for a long time as among the best brands of golf clubs for state-of-the-art golf players. And their new golf club set for juniors, Named the Tour Edge HL-J Complete Set, grows the game of kid golf players by letting them learn the play with terrific tools.

The club set is accentuated by a 350cc driver that delivers a low gravity center for high launch and excellent distance coverage. The spherical face assists with forgiveness on the off-center strikes and keeps the ball along the margin line.


  • Oversized irons imitate large-faced play-improvement irons for a better lift and more distance coverage.
  • The 350cc Driver along with a low gravity center for higher launch as well as improved carry
  • Mallet putter delivers excellent smooth and also balanced strokes for repeatable putting.


  • No more irons in the club set to leave a distance gap
  • There are only six clubs in the set, so it is too tiny for golf players more than10 years old.

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Confidence Junior Club Sets

Confidence Fitness Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set for Kids Age 8-12 (4 Ft. 6 In. to 5 Ft. 1 In. tall)
Confidence Junior Club Sets

This Confidence Junior Golf Club is a straightforward collection of the best golf clubs for kids 8-12 with one wood, 2 irons, and one putter, making the set a terrific initial location for golf players starting around eight years of age.


  • The two irons have big faces to assist contact with the ball to effect
  • A firmly built stand bag indeed does a commendable job of holding weight off your kid
  • The putter is big and heavy, allowing it to stay low to the bottom for more uniform putts


  • Just four clubs in the set may work for very young golf players, but honestly, not for more senior ones.

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The kid’s golf club set market is big and potentially bewildering for parents of golfer kids. The quality of the best golf clubs for kids 8-12 varies dramatically!

But hopefully, this article has assisted you in focusing on the more critical aspects of providing a pleasant introduction to and growth to the best golf clubs for kids 8-12. Happy shopping!

Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set for Kids Age 8-12 (4' 6" to 5' 1" Tall)

$139.99  in stock
as of May 15, 2022 11:29 pm


  • JUNIOR GOLF CLUB SET WITH BAG - Get your kids into a game they'll love for life with this set that includes golf clubs, bag and headcover. These sets are designed for golfers 8-12 years old or 4' 6" to 5' 1" tall.
  • DRIVER - Easy to hit 15° oversized driver with junior flex graphite shaft. Headcover included. Length - 39"
  • IRONS - #7 and #9 irons with cavity back design for more forgiveness. Junior flex graphite shafts. Lengths - 33.5" (#7) and 40" (#9) for 8-12 years old
  • MALLET PUTTER - Forgiving putter with easy alignment aid to help roll in those putts. Length - 31.5" for 8-12 years old
  • DELUXE STAND BAG - Auto pop out legs, dual shoulder straps, 4 way divider top, 4 exterior pockets and rain hood

Top Performance Premium Junior Golf Club Set for Age 9-12, Right Hand & Left Hand, Boys and Girls (Blue, LH)

$169.99  in stock
as of May 15, 2022 11:29 pm


  • Set Includes: Driver (15"), Hybrid Wood (22*), #6/7(1PC)Iron, and #9/P(1PC) Iron, Putter, Bonus Stand Bag and 2 Bonus Headcovers
  • Recommended for Junior Golfers between 4'4'' Inches to 5'
  • Especial Style to Fit Junior Golfer's Taste, Designed for Juniors to Improve Distance and Accuracy
  • Ergonomical Lift Handle for Easy Use
  • Woods with Graphite Shafts to Achieve Comfort Playing and Best Performance

Ram Golf Junior G-Force Boys Right Hand Golf Clubs Set with Bag (Ages 4-6 (No Hybrid and SW))

$139.99  in stock
as of May 15, 2022 11:29 pm


  • DRIVER - High lofted 14° driver with lightweight shaft. Higher loft helps get the ball airborne with a child's slower swing speed, and helps reduce side spin. Matching headcover included. 4-6 years - 29", 7-9 years - 34", 10-12 years - 37"
  • HYBRID (not included in 4-6 age) - #5 hybrid 21°. Versatile and easy to hit, this will quickly become their favorite club. Matching headcover included. 7-9 years - 31.5", 10-12 years - 34.5"
  • IRONS - 7 and 9 iron with a cavity back design and lightweight shafts designed to be easy to swing and forgiving. 4-6 years - 26", 24.5", 7-9 years - 30.5", 28.5", 10-12 years - 33.5", 31.5". WEDGE (not included in 4-6 age) - 56° wedge with lightweight shaft. 7-9 years - 28", 10-12 years - 31"
  • PUTTER - Upgraded putter with a steel shaft and built-in alignment line to help train them how to line up straight. 4-6 years - 23.5", 7-9 years - 28", 10-12 years - 30.5"
  • 4-6 years / 3ft to 3ft 7in (4 clubs total) - 7-9 years / 3ft 8in to 4ft 5in (6 clubs total) - 10-12 years / 4ft 6in to 5ft 3 in (6 clubs total)

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